5 Best Seller Toys in 2016

There are many toys that have become popular over the last holiday season, or just that have been consistent best sellers for many years. If you are getting a gift for a child or a friend, or just want to invest in something for your whole family, you can’t go wrong with a best seller. Here are some of our favorite best sellers from our site.


This was without a doubt one of the hottest toys of the past year. You get a brightly colored egg, and with some care and attention, it hatches into a mystery animal. There are a ton of unique animals to choose from, all of which are fantasy animal combinations that are adorably cute and quirky. Kids love these toys because of the fantasy and interactive elements involved with caring for the animal.

MarioKart RC Quadrocopter

This flying vehicle allows you to control Mario as he flys around your own personal racetrack – your house. This is a creative take on the drone trend, and is fun for anyone who is interested in the Nintendo characters and series. It comes with beginning and advanced modes, so you can master the art of flying before challenging yourself with the advanced mode.

Shopkins Happy Places Happy Home

This cute set is a modern take on a doll house. You can personalize the house with several cute furniture items, and live out your own story by having your Popette doll interact with the house and enjoy living there with her Petkins. This is perfect for creative grade school kids who love imaginative play.

Pokemon Z-Ring Interactive Set

Although Pokemon has been a craze for years, it blew up again last summer with the release of the interactive Pokemon Go app, which had everyone from tweens to grandmas out on the streets, looking for Pokemon. This Z-ring matches the styles that the main characters wear in the game, and reacts with the Nintendo 3DS game system.

Sky Viper Drone w/ Headset

Drones were a popular present for adults this past year, but they also make a great choice for kids when you buy the toy version. This drone has an appealing and sleek design and an HD camera, and comes with a headset that lets you see all of the video footage from the drone’s perspective. If you’ve ever wanted to feel what it’s like to fly, this is the perfect way to find out.