6 Toy Ideas For Teens and Tweens

Looking for a gift idea for the teen or tween in your life? There are tons of great toys and other fun gift ideas out there that they will absolutely love. Whether they adore being creative, geeking out over tech toys, or just socializing and having fun with friends, there are tons of toy options out there that cater to them. Although it often seems like teens and tweens grow up too fast these days, the toys in their life are a great reminder for them to just relax, have fun, and play. Here are our favorite toys for teens and tweens that make perfect gifts.

Creative Coloring Books

Coloring is no longer just for small kids, it’s also becoming very popular with people of all ages. There are tons of creative coloring books on the market that are ideal for kids who are slightly older but still want a relaxing outlet. Whether they love sea creatures, flowers, princesses, space, or just abstract designs, there’s sure to be a coloring book they’ll enjoy. Pair it with a set of markers or colored pencils and you have the perfect gift.


Again, these are a huge trend for people of all ages this year, but there are some fun toy versions that are perfect for teens and tweens to use. Many versions are designed just for flying around the house or backyard, but there are also more high-tech versions that can take pictures and videos. This gift is ideal for the kid who enjoys exploring and taking pictures.

Board Games

No matter how addicted your tween is to video games, they’ll still be likely to enjoy a good board game with friends or family if you give it to them. There are a huge range of board and card games available online, so you can find one that caters to their interests for them to play with their friends. Games also have the added bonus of giving them an excuse to socialize with you – something that everyone can appreciate.

Quirky Stuffed Animals

Although they may be a little too old for the more traditional options that younger kids want, they’ll still be super excited to receive handmade stuffed animals that will look cute with the other decor pieces in their room. Anyone of any age can appreciate cuddling with something soft and fluffy after a long, stressful day, so look on Etsy or check your local boutiques for something they might enjoy.

Connected Sports Gear

If your kid is a dedicated athlete, they will be sure to appreciate having a ball, glove, or other sports item that connects to an app on their phone and tracks their performance. Not only is the tech aspect of this product just intriguing and entertaining, but it can also help encourage your kid to practice more and really master their sport by competing with friends or even just challenging themselves.

Craft Kits

If you have a budding artist, nurture their creativity by getting them a crafting kit. There are kits that can help you make everything, from your own home decor to makeup to fashion items. Not only is this a great way to keep your kids occupied, but it also teaches them important new skills and encourages them to spend time away from the TV or computer.