How to Select the Best Actors for Your Real Estate Marketing Video

Good actors can really build up the hype of your real estate marketing video. When the audience sees themselves in the actors, they tend to believe the entire message of the video. They want to see a portion of themselves being acted out by another person. A very convincing acting can call the viewers to take positive responses toward the products or services that you advertise.  

When you are holding an audition for the actors for your marketing video, look into the qualities of the actors based on the following criteria: 

  1. The “type” of actor needed for the role.

The actor needs to be the perfect embodiment of the character he will be portraying. His physical looks, gestures, and overall personality must fit the requirements of the character in the video. The word “type” also means the way people view a certain person as a familiar archetype that can play a specific role like a bad guy, a good guy, a mother, a joker, a sidekick, etc. 

  1. Needs to be good at acting

As an actor, he really needs to act as natural as possible to make his character more believable. He also needs to have a reckless abandon of who is as a person when he is in the zone of the character he is cast to play. He should know how to follow directions and make the necessary adjustment. He should have the ability connect to the emotions of the audience through his physical appearance, demeanor, and reputation.   

  1. Vocal quality

For silent videos, this is not an issue. But for most common marketing video, the actor must have a clear and articulate voice. He should also know how to control the loudness of his voice, the rate of his speech, as well his ability to mimic different accents. His voice should encourage the viewers to take a look at Burlingame homes for sale marketing campaign.

  1. Facial expression

This is the actor’s primary arsenal. The camera will focus on his face most of the time. The actor needs to convey the message of the video through his facial expressions. Most people are looking at the facial expressions of the actor to understand the scenes better. However, he also needs to make sure not to overdo his facial expressions. Facial expressions must be natural to be convincing. Overacting is bad acting.  

  1. Body Language

Good actors are confident in what they do. They should look comfortable and relaxed while playing a character. However, his body language must not show over-confidence. Many viewers find over-confident actors very cocky, which is not good for your company image.  




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