5 Things To Know Before Flying a Drone with Your Children

So your son asked you for a drone on their birthday. Fine. You rushed to the store, get the expensive piece of toy, he unwrapped it, excitedly went outside, came back with a broken drone on their two hands. Sad, really sad.

Before you let your children destroy, I mean fly their first drone, there are things you need to teach them. First, let them understand that a drone (or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is not just another toy that he can pile up in their collection after few days. It is, however, a part of the technology that can be both fun and educational at the same time. Most drones come with a camera that enables them to capture picture at bird’s eye view. Teaching them the proper way to fly it as well as their responsibilities in making themselves and other people safe is extremely helpful.

Safety first.

Follow the regulations set by both the Federal Aviation Administration and your local authorities. FAA makes the five-mile radius from the airport a non-flying zone for drones. Touristy areas are also places where the flying drone can get you and your son into trouble. There is no formal regulation about flying your copter near military bases but just to be sure, don’t pilot your drone near these places.

Be responsible for others.

Don’t fly drones near buildings, posts, and trees. Don’t take pictures of other people without their permissions. Practice caution when they are playing the drone with other kids. Teach them how to distance themselves from the drone. The weight and the blades from the propeller of the drone can knock off a child and leave them cuts/wounds.

Let them have fun.

It’s a toy which is unique from their other toys. Join them in flying their drone with a copter of your own. It’s a good time to bond and talk to them. Compare pictures and teach them how he can have better shots next time. This drone repair company knows that first-time flyers, especially young ones, can get nervous. They advise making the lessons fun and lighthearted so your children aren’t too concentrated in NOT crashing, which actually increases their chances of crashing.

Teach them how to be patient.

Learning how to control a drone takes a lot of trial and error. No one successfully flies a drone after one to two attempts. Let them learn from the simplest steps. Make them familiar with the controller by reading the manual. Let him fly drone within smaller distance at first. Just show them not to hurry as he will learn flying it eventually.

Make them understand that flying drone is not just for fun.

It is also intended to make them practice their eye and hand coordination, understand a bit about robotics, physics, biology, cinematography and other principles. In short, make them realize how a drone can make them a better kid.