6 Best Outdoor Toys

With the development of fun and educational smartphone apps and other games, many kids have been spending an increasing amount of time indoors. Although there are benefits to using many of these types of toys, it’s very important that kids spend enough time outside, getting exercise and access to sunlight and fresh air. Luckily, there are still plenty of toys on the market that encourage kids to get outside. Here are some of our favorites.

Street Rollers

These are somewhat similar to the concept of roller skates in that they use wheels to help you travel faster and skate anywhere you go, but you can easily attach them to many different pairs of shoes to customize your look and skate anywhere you go. If your neighborhood has a safe street or sidewalk to skate on, these are a great toy for kids because it encourages fun exercise and also provides them with an easy mode of transportation – ideal if they normally walk to school, sports practices, or friend’s houses.

Pool Toys

It doesn’t matter which pool toys you get for your kids – no matter what, it’ll encourage them to get out of the house and enjoy swimming. For younger kids, try fun diving games, and for tweens, the inflatable animals that have been popular over the past year or so will be sure to make them smile.

Giga Ball

The concept of this toy is simple – it’s just a large inflatable ball that looks somewhat similar to a soccer ball. However, it’s a great toy for younger kids. They’ll have tons of fun rolling around in it outside, and it’s cushioned, so they won’t get hurt no matter where the ball takes them. The novelty of having such a large ball alone will be sure to keep them occupied for a long time.

Flying Drone

For older kids who are interested in tech toys or love taking video, a drone toy is a great way to get them outside. Drones are very fun to practice flying, particularly if you have a large open space to work with, and once you’ve mastered the challenge of piloting the drone, you can get some amazing aerial videos and photos that will make your kid’s Instagram the most popular of his friends. These are ideal for older kids or teenagers who have the focus and control to fly a drone safely.

Water or Nerf Guns

These are a classic toy that are sure to keep your kids occupied on long, hot summer days. They come in all sizes and styles, and are a fun competitive game for kids to play that won’t actually hurt them. Water guns are ideal if you live in a warmer climate, and you can even buy ones that connect to your garden hose to make them easier to refill.

Bungee Jumper

Similar to a pogo stick, this toy is awesome for the kid with a little too much energy. It provides a fun bouncy feeling that’s similar to a trampoline or pogo stick, but it is very light and cushy, which protects against the potential injuries that can come along with those toys. These jumpers are simple and affordable as well, ideal for parents who are gifting on a budget.