What Is a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a fixed and affordable dental restoration procedure done to replace a missing tooth, or in some cases, a set of teeth. It bridges the gap and fills the void left by the missing tooth or teeth to prevent the remaining ones from drifting to compensate the empty space.  

The different types of Dental Bridges are: 

Traditional bridges 

It usually consists of two crowns to anchor on the present teeth, also called as abutment teeth, between the missing tooth. The present teeth are then reduced in size so the crown will fit and the missing tooth will now be replaced with a false tooth, called pontic. 

Cantilever bridges 

A Cantilever bridge is just like a traditional bridge except there is only one crown. It only provides minimal support and not as strong as the traditional bridge. The only upside is that most of the patient’s healthy teeth are preserved as only one is reduced in size to serve as abutment teeth from which the crown will anchor on. 

Maryland bonded bridges 

This bridge is made up of a false tooth and metal wings on each side. Instead of sacrificing the other healthy teeth between the missing tooth, the metal wings are bonded onto the back sides of the healthy teeth. The only downside is that there will be a tendency that the teeth in which the metal wings are bonded will darken over time, making the false teeth appear obvious. 

The materials commonly used for dental bridges are porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or purely metal dental bridges. Most dentists advise their patients to go for a porcelain mate  rial because it looks more natural compared to purely metal dental bridges. The porcelain material does not easily change in color so patients are often asked to undergo teeth whitening in Santa Ana so everything will look exactly of the same color.   

The benefits of getting a dental bridge include: 

Restore your smile and confidence 

You’ll feel and look younger because you now get to wear your smile more often. Nothing is more reassuring than knowing you look good inside and out. 

Restore your ability to eat and speak properly 

With your teeth once again complete, you get to bite with more force and as a result, you can eat more of your favorite dishes that were once off the list. You also won’t sound funny anymore because your mouth is fully supported to properly pronounce the different sounds. 

Maintain the shape of your face 

With no gaps in between, the remaining teeth won’t drift to close the space of the missing tooth.  This, in turn, will make your face look fuller while at the same time, maintaining the shape of your face.  


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